Hello and welcome to Top 5 EDC, I’m Mark and currently I’m the sole writer (it’s so lonely…) of these everyday carry reviews. I’m pleased you found your way here and hope you enjoy the content, feel free to let me know! Now that you’re here I’m guessing you want to know a little bit more about me and this here blog? As you may have guessed, the whole focus of this blog is based around everyday carry items, such as; pocket knives, multi-tools, flashlights, watches, full EDC sets and many more related products. I kind of see it as a middle ground between a lifestyle site and specialist review blog (I’ll explain more about this later).

Author of the Best EDC Reviews

This site is very much a labour of love, this is my first blog and something I’ve wanted to do far a long time. I really enjoy talking with like-minded EDC users/collectors and learning more and more about EDC. Also, staying up to date with the latest and greatest products out there (easier said than done!). This is something I hope to build on as time goes on and my everyday carry reviews grow.

My main reason for this site is that I enjoy writing/blogging as a means to relax and thought this was a great platform to do just that. Another reason is an excuse to look up more cool EDC products – not that I needed any encouragement!


More about me and my everyday carry reviews

As you may have guessed from the picture above, by day I’m a lumberjack… Actually, I’m not really, sorry. I’m in fact a freelance graphic designer which explains the check shirt and snazzy face stubble. I’ve been a designer for 13+ years now and I work on a variety of wonderful projects for some great clients – even a couple of EDC related companies too, but that’s a story for another day.

So I’m a designer “So what’s your angle?” you may be asking… I approach all of my everyday carry reviews with a keen eye, focussing on quality, functionality and some of the finer details. I intend only to put items on here I’d recommend to friends and would buy personally.

In terms of my EDC history, I just happen to be a big fan of EDC stuff and have been for a good 18+ years so far. I think it started out quite unintentionally, I’ve always had a keen interest in watches which I got from my Dad. Being a designer I started to build a really nice set of pens and always had a good quality notebook near by. That grew into wanting a slimline wallet, then a multi-tool came. And then you never know when a decent pocket knife will come in handy. Plus you can’t be without a flashlight!

I’ve managed (like most who fall into EDC) to grow my EDC items into a decent selection and depending on where I’m going I’ll mix and match, but generally on a day-today basis my carry is quite sensible, normally a watch, wallet, pen, notebook and either a multi-tool or small folding knife (this is used normally for opening packaging etc, I stay on the sensible side as I don’t want to pull out anything too crazy and scare the clients!)

So as you can see, over time my items have grown (similar story to most EDC lovers, so I’m told) I then started to enjoy researching it more and more and eventually I started looking (mainly online) to see what kind of stuff people packed in their pockets.

The community side of EDC is one thing I really enjoy as there’s always something new to learn. This is something I hope to build on in this Blog – whilst writing a few everyday carry reviews along the way.


Why call it Top 5 EDC?

So, get this, my idea came to me after much thinking and gulping down many cups of coffee, I was looking around at other EDC bloggers and “Online Lifestyle Magazines” and found most fell in to one of 2 camps:

1). Super specialist review sites: which focus on one product at a time and tend to explain in minute detail about that one prodcut.

2). Lifestyle sites with 20+ items listed and a brief sentence on each product that doesn’t really tell you much or give you much of a comparison

It must be said, some of these sites are really nicely designed (the lifestyle ones especially) and some (the one product specialists) are VERY informative, but they tend to exist on opposite ends of the scale to each other.

And so this was when it came to me, I wanted to fall somewhere in between – I wanted to talk about more than one product at a time, not too many, but enough to give each product a decent write-up without it becoming a billion words long and putting a glass eye to sleep!

So that’s when I decided 5 was my number, it seemed like a good middle ground, where I could talk about EDC items and do some comparisons of various products, be it from the same brand, or comparing items in a similar price range to each other, or even suggest a nice 5 piece EDC set based around certain themes.

So that’s how and why Top 5 EDC came to be.


What I’d like YOU to get out of this

First of all, I want you to actually enjoy reading the everyday carry reviews and hopefully somewhere along the line, one of these write-ups may help someone make an informed choice about buying their next piece of EDC of kit. Or even if the reviews act as a decent reference for people , I’d be pleased so as long it was helpful.

Also, anyone new to EDC I hope if they find this blog at some point and that the content on here is of some use to them. I’ll endeavour to keep it light-hearted, informative, enjoyable and attractive as best I can, so that you can get something out of it too.

Finally, between the blog and the Top 5 EDC Facebook page I’d like to build a sense of community, so whenever you fancy saying ‘hi’ feel free to do so.


Want to contribute in some way?

Anytime you want to leave a comment, give feedback, ask questions or make any suggestions – feel free to comment below or on the Facebook page. I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can. Also, if you have a specific product, brand or budget – hit me up! Again get over to the Facebook page or comment on one of my posts, make a suggestion and I’ll see what I can do!

All the best